What We Do

KBB sport-specific consultants partner with student athletes to find the best athletic and academic fit. From our initial consultation through an athlete’s college commitment, KBB consultants are with you to answer questions, explain NCAA rules, create highlight film, generate athletic resumes, secure media attention, explore academic opportunities and much more. At KBB Athlete Recruiting, your college athletic goals can become a reality.

"Every athlete is different and we believe that our one-on-one approach addresses individual needs and produces the most successful long-term results."

How We Do It

  • Initial evaluation by college or professional scout to identify athlete’s potential at the next level
  • Develop athletic resume
  • Identify schools that fit athletic and academic needs
  • Write press releases to maximize athlete’s exposure
  • Create highlight film that meets college athletic needs and standards
  • Write introductory/follow-up letters from athlete to coaches/recruiting coordinator
  • Identify means by which athlete should contact coach/recruiting coordinator
  • Work with athlete and family to understand NCAA rules and importance of NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Identify CORE GPA and what is needed for ACT/SAT per school
  • Help athlete select the best camps, combines, specialty training to get them noticed or improve their game
  • Identify academic support where it is needed
  • In cases of DII or DIII opportunities, identify other aid packages that help offset family contribution
  • Serve as a reliable resource through the complex quagmire of recruiting

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From creating an impactful athletic resume, to identifying schools that will be the best fit for you as a student and an athlete, to writing press releases that capture the attention of the media, KBB is here to get you to the next level!

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Our Partners
Acceleration Works From L.A.

“ We were so impressed not only with the knowledge they had about recruiting but how to help get additional aid. It’s all so overwhelming but they broke it down and led us step-by-step.”- Dan and Sue D. -

“ You have made an overwhelming task much more manageable. It has been a pleasure to work with you at all times!” - Elizabeth P. -

“ Your attention to detail and your organization are second to none. We cannot imagine having gone through this process alone, as we try to navigate the waters of college football recruiting.” - Blake B. -

“ They really are consultants who are with you every-step-of the way. We are thrilled with results and recommend them to anyone serious about getting their athlete recruited.” - Cherise and Frank T. -

“ They educated us all and continue to do so. I just got a call from them last week saying the Oregon distance camp was filling up and to register quickly. I don�t have the time or the resources to stay on top of all this so they do it for me.” - Patricia M. -

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