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"I enthusiastically recommend KBB's approach and manner of execution to anyone who is serious about helping a student-athlete earn an athletic scholarship."
-Tom Lawrence

KBB Consultants Will

  • Evaluate your potential
  • Create your athletic resume
  • Target schools that fit your needs
  • Promote your abilities
  • Maximize your exposure

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“ We were so impressed not only with the knowledge they had about recruiting but how to help get additional aid. It’s all so overwhelming but they broke it down and led us step-by-step.”- Dan and Sue D. -

“ You have made an overwhelming task much more manageable. It has been a pleasure to work with you at all times!” - Elizabeth P. -

“ Your attention to detail and your organization are second to none. We cannot imagine having gone through this process alone, as we try to navigate the waters of college football recruiting.” - Blake B. -

“ They really are consultants who are with you every-step-of the way. We are thrilled with results and recommend them to anyone serious about getting their athlete recruited.” - Cherise and Frank T. -

“ They educated us all and continue to do so. I just got a call from them last week saying the Oregon distance camp was filling up and to register quickly. I don�t have the time or the resources to stay on top of all this so they do it for me.” - Patricia M. -

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